Can I just say, people I like and know talking openly about kinks and fetishes makes me really comfortable and happy, cause I've got a weird one that I've told literally no one about and I don't plan to, but it's still nice to think that if I DID tell, it wouldn't be a huge deal.

you should tell me ur weird one!!!! yES tell me all the kinks

HMM A SECRET well I recently discovered that I... kind of picked up a... lactation fetish and I already had a body inflation fetish so now I'm like I CANNOT HAVE TWO WEIRD KINKS THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE HOW DO I TURN THEM OFF and I'm actually p distressed about it (is this too TMI if so I'm sry YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO PUBLISH IT)

don’t turn off your turn-ons lil slugger, the weirder your kinks are the cooler you are

tell a cute lil (nsfw or non) situation you've been in recently :3c

one time kris took a picture of me while I was lying down awkwardly with my midriff exposed and then when I was shown the picture I peered very closely at my lovehandle kinda folded over and asked in a very offended tone “is that a butt?”

and that just sent kris into hysterics like how goddamn suspicious I was of my own rolls resembling a butt

so now we say that to each other in very indignant tones and we just think it’s the bees knees

have u ever bit kris' booty?

ooooof COURSE

Okay but really I don't have an ~actual~ harness I just have rope (and a cockring to keep things in place because I'm afraid to tie them in place) and I fucking love rope harnesses so much and they're the best thing ever like 100% customizable and cute and hawt and yes rope harnesses I like you.

yeah!! i like it cause it’s wayyyy cheaper than buying an actual harness and looks like 10x cuter than a scary leather harness IMO (my second choice would be a rode-oh but I don’t have the money for one yet) but unfortunately 30ft of rope, while it may work on some bodies, isn’t enough for bigger bodies )): also it’s kind of annoying to spend the extra time tying the harness correctly so not v good for ~heat of the moment~ kinda stuff

aaahhh! Could you give details on how you tie the bondage rope into a harness? That would be really useful information!
I admire your work so much :D

omg thank you!!!! /)////(\

what kinda naughty toys do u have wink wonk

ok here’s my list (and a bonus pic)

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if ur my friend u will send me an ask or tell me a secret

i’m in the labs working on a script and I’m nearly done U GUYS GOTTA PUSH ME ON THRU….


hello there!

without going into too much detail, i’ll just say that im in some pretty bad trouble financially, as well as working with a mega old computer that’s on it’s last leg that i would very much like to replace soon. i haven’t had much luck finding a job since i left my last one, so!!! time to draw things for money!!!

some stuff:

- no hardcore porn or fetish content (no problem drawing ppl havin sex, just no genitals showing (boobs & general nudity are a-ok))

- price may rise depending on if certain props are added to the picture (guns, cars, detailed robots, super intricate clothing, etc) but i am more than willing to negotiate prices! 

- backgrounds will be blank white unless requested otherwise (changing to a different solid color is no problem & wont cost anything extra)

i use paypal only! my e-mail is . i recommend contacting me via e-mail only cuz i don’t trust tumblr’s messaging system one bit

thank you for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ