jmoy is one of my fave comics & storyboard artists and y’all should watch his direction debut

You. Called. Your pet. Slag?....



wow, your art is sooooo good! do you have any tips for doing lineart and coloring?

thank you!! umm!! i dunno… maybe with lineart my idea is like… do really really loose sketches so that you barely even know what it’s supposed to be, then line over that. it keeps the spontaneity and expression and movement in the lines. I see a lot of people focus a lot on detail and “accuracy” and fineness in their linework but it really just looks rigid and stiff to me :( some people like doing sketches + a finer sketch before line art, but i think that makes a drawing lose its action!!

umm yeah just don’t worry about like, where to taper your line, or what details to draw, just taper your line like crazy and you’ll get a feel for what looks best… and just force yourself to draw the things you’re unsure of in your sketches `o` hurray

and umm coloringgg i don’t think i do that very well at all haha so i don’t really have any tips…


Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

she won’t stop typing things ): plz stop exploring my keyboard it is unproductive

SLAG is helping me with work


a cute little predator i made yahoo